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Ayurveda is a science of life and in order to make it a part of Lifestyle it needs to be redefined for the changing times. I believe that a strong foundation is important to build a great brand and my experience as an Ayurvedic brand Consultation India comes from working with Consumer at the ground level as well as Founders that envision their company, helping me draw analysis with a rounded approach. I want to create value and impact for the brands that entrust me because together we can put Ayurveda brand India on the world map for it truly deserves to be.


Education, Information and Strategy to meet the goals defined for the project.


In-depth analysis of Ayurvedic Scripture, Latest Research and Consumer Insights.


Refine facts, recommendations & present with practical insights.


Ayurvedic Significance of Beautifying Herbs & Ingredients with Reference


We help you build a ayurvedic brand strategy with the Right communication, Market research, Soft skills, Product training, Curriculum, Customer Relationship & Complaint resolution Management.

We provide training modules for all levels of Employees & Representatives on the following topics:

Structure of Skin: Anatomy, Physiology & common Pathologies

Basics of Skincare, Importance of regime and Beauty trends

Ayurvedic Skincare,Haircare & Bodycare Terminology

Ayurvedic Skincare, Haircare & Bodycare Rituals

Understanding Natural Ingredients: Uses, Benefits, Application & Modern Research

Utility and application of facial massage & wellness tools

Brand Specific Product Training for Beauty, Wellness and Personal Care Range

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