Wellness Retreats

With the Best Wellness Retreats India experience curated Ayurvedic Lifestyle with Meals & demonstrative learning with a multi sensory experience to carry back practical insights.

This program would also support the Health Tourism and Cultural Biodiversity as we believe in Sustainable and Eco conscious methods of organisation.. Our intent is  to spread Ayurveda as a Lifestyle for achieving the ultimate health and help individuals discover meaning in their life. 

We help you Plan, Execute and Host tailor made day events as well as residential programs for a Holistic escapade for Corporates, Organizations and Hospitality Partners. Explore Wellness Retreats mumbai now!

Best Wellness Retreats India


at the best ayurvedic Wellness Retreats

Experience Ayurvedic Lifestyle Morning Session: Hands on Dinacharya

Outdoor Morning Yoga Session

Introduction to Ayurvedic Philosophy & Interactive Session

Experience Ayurvedic Lifestyle Night Session: Hands on Ratricharya

Guided Meditation

Pre Arrival

1-1 Tele/Online Consultation Post form filling (Lifestyle and Meal Plan)

Everyday Ayurveda Workshop (Demonstration)

Ayurvedic Self care Morning Rituals
  1. Emptying the Bowels
  2. Dantadhavan(Bamboo Toothbrush)
  3. Jivhanirlekhan(Tongue Scraping with Copper Tongue scraper)
  4. Gandusha(Oil Holding)
  5. Abhyangam(Oil massage)
  6. Vyayaam(Exercise)
  7. Udvartanam(Body Scrub)
Mindful Eating made easy
  1. Establishing a healthy relationship with food and busting Diet myths
  2. Discovering mindfulness with every bite
  3. Basics of Ayurvedic Nutrition to nourish the Mind, Body & Soul
  4.  Incorporating Sustainable Diets that are help achieve Health not just Weight Loss
Elements of Nature & Consciousness (60 mins Session)
  • We live in the Universe but a Universe exists within us!
  • Unique Body Composition: Prakriti
  • Dosha & Prakriti isn’t the same
Ayurvedic Lifestyle (60 mins Session)
  • Dinacharya: Routine according to Circadian Rhythm
  • A Healthy Gut brings Joyous Mind & everything else just follows
  • Eat only if you can Digest
  • Drink water Mindfully, not by the Litres
  • Your sleep cycle determines your Life Cycle.
Ayurvedic Self Care Night Rituals
  1. Warm Drinks
  2. Tratak(Candle Meditation)
  3. Face Massage
  4. Padabhyangam  (Foot massage)
Ayurvedic Self Care Night Rituals
  • Warm Drinks
  • Tratak(Candle Meditation)
  • Face Massage
  • Padabhyangam  (Foot massage)
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